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Hi, Walter here.
Assume I am your potential customer. I see your website because I am searching for related power industry information.
I am in the searching stage, not ready to buy.
No idea about your company reputation, nor have and idea of who you are. The Know, Like and Trust factor is missing.
Hard to be your customer in the above circumstances.
If you ask me to pay a subscription fee to access the information I am looking for, I will look some place else.
Here is my answer:
1. Need to build up you and your company to your potential customers.
a. Tell your Avatar, that's your target customer. your story on how and why you are solving their particular problem in a video, a free video story.
b. Include a call to action in the email, mostly providing more updated information on the matter by email. So you are requesting the potential customer email (Opt-in)
c. Once you received the email, send a comprehensive, value loaded email with things as: Infographic with statistics about your avatar problem and pointing toward your company on how to solve it. Add a video following up to the one on the Opt-in form where you got the email to start with. Remember it takes and average of 7 presentations for a sales conversion. So present the opportunity to take action every time you send and email along with value. You are building TRUST by stepping on the customer shoes and helping him up.
So you will have to Opt-in options on all you emails out. Once to subscribe to your videos series and one for a survey to closely identify the customer problems and desires.
Today's marketing is about story telling. Follow up with powerful value to them and build up you email list.
There, in the mailing list is where your power is. That's you sales pipe, the communication channel to build your relation to your potential customer and convert them to customers when the Know, Like and Trust is build.


Hi, Walter here.
There are three excellent channels to reach potential donors. You did mentioned Facebook and Twitter. I will recommend as follows:
1. Pinterest: Sets of two pictures (side by side) conveying the beauty outcome of a donation compared to the actual misery of the situation. Link each individually to a video on YouTube presenting a follow up of each picture outcomes, giving or not giving a donation.
2. YouTube:
A. Link the videos to Pinterest (one of the top 100 sites n the world) so when pictures are click on Pinterest the person is taken to your video.
B. Now link your video to a capture page offering two options to click on, the same Pinterest photos. Ask them... a simple Can you guess the age of the picture on the right? (That's the actual condition photo with no donation) A drop box with two options in each photo with the approximate age. One the person clicks on any, will be taken to your website with a personal video from one of those kids thanking for your about to give donation.
It is a 30 seconds video telling the viewer "I will keep you inform how I am doing in the coming days. Ask for the email of the person to send him that updated video.
C. Underneath the email request box, once the email is accepted, place a two option box with a $10.00 and a Can You? box to click on. Once click place the donation page in front of the person.
D. Send an automatic email, once added by the person on the email request page, with the same page with two options as a back up/reminder.
E. Referral: A second email to the person, one week later on Sunday at 9AM and another at 2PM with a 30 seconds video as a follow up on the kid status but this time from you. Show your face and thanks them for the email submission. Report an update of the kid with the photo. A very short video.
F Facebook Fan Page; Create a Facebook page with your face smiley face thanking for the support and placing updates. Sent links to all emails acquired above.
G: Vine: Here is a 6 seconds video... same to photos above, your face and Thanks poster. Place them on the emails out to the list acquired.
There is more to this, but you have the idea. It is a process so you can be know, liked and trust. Once the persons Know, Like and Trust you, your entity, they will be there for you.

Hi, Walter here.
There are two companies with an excellent service record. Web Services (AWS) and Libsyn
I recommend Libsyn.

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