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Definitely there is a big market. Definitely there is lots of scope for small players. We yet haven't crowned any player in education (no dominant player like google).

Knewton is going to large publisher. But if you see there is lot of scope in open education as well, lots of potential in offering analytics services to small time content developer, working with not for profit / NGOs or social sector corporations needs lot of data crunching.

Learning analytics has just started to grow. We have immense opportunities in front of us.

I can tell you detailed opportunities across different segments of education. I can tell you what each player is contributing to the market and where are they expected to reach and which market is still untouched.

We can schedule a call if you want more information.

8+ years exp in Education.

Read lots of books on Sales, Listen to books in Transit.
Author: Brian tracy is good.

Here is a quick tip: That will get you off ground quickly.

First rule of Sales: its not about your product / service its about customer. Your prime objective is to understand customer and their problems / preferences related to problem you are solving or gain you are offering.

Second rule: Don't talk - 'ASK'. Take genuine interest in your customer and ask them questions about the problems they are facing or how they value gain you are offering.
Ask questions that will trigger the need for your product and service.

If you tell me more about your product in specific I can help you with developing a powerful pitch. You can schedule a call if you want more help.

Hope you find this useful anyway.
Good luck with Sales. :)

p.s: 7 years experience in hard core sales and Marketing agencies like Ogilvy.

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