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Founder of iatech, eStrategy Group and Survayz. Business and Technology Consultant to a range of global companies (McDonalds, Deloitte etc) and some wonderful Startups also. An entrepreneur with a passion for helping others build high-value businesses while minimising waste and maximising resources.

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Hi there

My name is Simon Anquetil and I am a mobile startup consultant with experience across a range of industries.

Sounds like you're on to something there. The wearable device market is growing rapidly.

The first step is to get your idea to a level where you can convince someone to fund your prototype. There are many ways for this to happen. You may have heard of Pebble watches? This was totally funded by Kickstarter. True - they had a great team around them to start with - but if you can start with the idea and build an appealing enough case, Kickstarter might still be an option for you. (refer to if you aren't sure what I'm talking about)

The team can be put together at a reasonable cost using tools like, depending on what you need.

The key is to get your prototype happening so that you can then attract people who will fund the whole development cycle. There are so many ways to find the right partners, but first you need to give your idea some credibility. Make it tangible.

Please feel free to schedule a call if you'd like more advice on this.

Hi there.

I am a small business strategy consultant, with loads of experience working with startups, like yours.

What kind of coaching are you doing? Is it something you need to do in-person, or can it be done by coaching over the Internet or phone?

The Internet is a fabulous way to do things at a low-cost. Not only to actually provide your service, but also to market it to a large audience.

If your business is something you need to do in-person - then make sure you use the various low-cost options available to you online to get yourself a presence. There are tools, like, which will allow you to build a free website and give potential customers a way to find you and contact you.

Also, if you are an expert in your field, make sure you are blogging and getting your information out to the public as frequently as possible. This will increase your ranking in search engines and make you appear like a true thought leader.

If your coaching can be offered online, make use of free tools like Skype - and embed them within your website. You can take customer payments through Paypal and similar cheap online systems.

There are many tricks to launching a low-cost business. Many depend on your specific requirements. Feel free to give me a call via this service if you want more information.


For inspiration, I would recommend the biographies of Richard Branson & Steve Jobs. Some of the best lessons to come from these books revolve around the importance of hard work, perseverance, and how to pick yourself back up when things don't go your way.

There are so many other books I could point you to, but to start with try - I have seen first-hand through my consulting experience some of these recommendations help early-stage startups.

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