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Marketing. Sales. Two of the most important strategies for spreading your brand awareness and making those all important sales for your business to thrive. Arrange a 30 min call with me today and you'll gain 3 strategies to take your business to the next level. With my expertise in MARKETING, SALES and BUSINESS STRATEGY, I can help you geometrically grow your business to the next level I will do more than strengthen your brand, market your business and improve sales. I want to follow you on your journey to achieve your business goals. This is true success in my eyes. I work from the ground up in each sector to ensure the value you receive is directly injected, implemented and employed into your company's operations. With a background in sales and a degree in Management from a global top 10 university, I know exactly what it will take to grow your business to the next level. I appreciate that every business is unique, so I tailor my consulting services specifically to you. I want to hear your story, your business problems and your aspirations for your company. Invest in a 30 min call with me today and you'll gain 3 strategies to take your business to the next level. I founded Metric Consulting London, a management consultancy firm aimed at growing small and medium enterprises throw improved marketing, sales and business strategies. I know what it takes for you to achieve success.

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I'll keep this answer short, sharp and simple as that's what you will be looking for with your early-stage startup.

From the sounds of your question you want to approach your idea with a lean startup approach and leverage hypothesis testing to speed up the market validation for your idea.

The process revolves around testing falsifiable questions with a minimum viable product and then pivoting until you come up with a bullet proof concept.

If you want to find out more about how you can implement a lean startup approach and geometrically grow your idea, arrange a 30 min call with me today.

When I work on marketing strategy projects with clients, I like to break it down into three key fundamental areas.

1. Customer segmentation
Fully analyse different customer segments available and suitable to your product/service. You can use very rudimentary criteria like demographics such as age, socioeconomic class, gender, number of children etc. However the criteria that has been proven to work more effectively is segmentation via emotional and psychographic criteria. Examples of these are shared personalities, traits and lifestyles within a segment. It's important to note that segments should be homogeneous within a segment but heterogeneous across segments.

2. Targeting
Select the most economically viable customer segment. The one where there are enough potential customers with a high enough willingness to pay to create a business case for entering that segment. This step is key at ensuring your business will succeed.

3. Positioning
This is how you will convey your message across to your target market and implement techniques to maximise prospective leads. For example, if you are targeting a younger customer segment then you may find that SMM (social media marketing) may yield you more results.

In all, this is just a brief overview on the steps to start a marketing strategy for your business. There are more elements to consider, like brand strategy, when it comes to ensuring you have a comprehensive and successful marketing strategy.

If you want to geometrically grow your business to the next level, then arrange a 30 min call with me today to find out 3 successful techniques I have implemented with previous clients.

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