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No I don't Know, but I know someone who can help in building a membership site.
Chris Luck has a program on creating membership sites called Membership Method. You can have a look into it more on google or anywhere else.

it depends on the kind of product. If the product already exists but you are bringing in your product idea with better features and benefits I suggest that you create a few samples (100 seems ideal) and give it out, either free or at a lower price and ask for a review on what needs to be done.

If its fairly new in the market place and no one has ever done it before, how about you you conduct a survey on the idea itself or hype it up to see the number of people who will be interested to join a waiting list.

Some business ideas can start without a proper plan at first, a one page laid out plan is great. You can always validate the need of your product idea before or after your website.

We all have ideas on what needs to be done on what and what products needs to be created and how, but the thing that holds most people back on bringing their idea to life is actually taking action.

Let me know how it goes if you consider to take action on this.

Managing a growing company can be much of an issue as it has its ups and downs. I am partners with a business that does the same and it can have its share of good and bad.

My simple answer would be, depending on where your business is, you can train locals of the place to manage the business while you manage those you've appointed, that reduces your workload and you get to a lot more done.
The idea of outsourcing such roles can be scary at times and the decision to do so can be overwhelming.

I don't know what you have done so far but I wish to get to know more about it. If you have any further questions kindly ask away. I will be more than happy to answer to my level of expertise.

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