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Have your thought about starting an SEO friendly blog? Basically if you go to fiverr.com you might be able to get someone to write 5-10 articles which are SEO friendly which can then be used to generate free traffic for your blog which can then be redirected to your e-com store. Hope this helps! :)

Easy, you want to post an ad on upwork.com tell them your looking for Sales people who work purely on commission, there are a few people I know who might be interested but it really depends on your product first, could you give us some more details?

Firstly, great job for setting up your company and getting in leads. Depending on how much the product is, what your margins are, you might be able to hire people on a pure commission basis. It's a great way to leverage other people and also get experts to sell your product. If you like I might know a few people who could do that for you but you'll have to have a solid product, good leads and atleast 30% margin on your product. If you need some help, let me know.

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