Josh PigfordEntrepreneur. Currently building Baremetrics.

Maker. Entrepreneur. Interested in shipping. Not planning. Shipping. Let's talk about how to get stuff out the door and how to get those first paying customers.

I've had my hand in nearly every type of business imaginable.

Most recently, I've been working on Baremetrics (SaaS analytics for Stripe) and taken it from idea to $200k ARR in 7 months. I'd love to chat with you about how to do the same with your business.

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Arguably you should forget the pre-launch landing page at all and just ship the thing.

Beta users rarely mean much of anything if you're trying to build a real, profitable business.

That being said, your job is to literally sell people on your product. People don't buy features...they buy painkillers. Focus on the pain your product is solving and use that to convince/entice people.

Happy to hop on a call and talk through what this means and how to do this specifically for your product.

For nearly a decade (all of my 20's) I reveled in my ability to juggle multiple businesses at the same time (2 or 3 + consulting). But what I started noticing on the tail end of that was that I was becoming amazing at being mediocre.

What I've found over the past couple of years it that focus is the difference between running a $50,000/year business and a $500,000/year business.

Focus let's you make that good thing great.

Having your hand in many different things can feel like a great way to diversify and mitigate risk, but what will pay off more in the long run is to quickly "prove" which business has a better chance of being successful and then drop the other and move on.

Happy to have a call about what my experience has been over the past 10-12 years of doing just this.

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